Thursday, 21 August 2008


We had a pretty chilled cycle from Carlisle. We got up early and went to a bike shop down the road. They fixed up our pannier racks the best they could and didn't charge us a penny, which was nice. I also had to buy some new cleats for my cycle shoes as the others had worn away, and another tube given my puncture track record! We headed off and the weather remained bright and sunny all day, 'we must be in England' we thought! We stopped for lunch in Keswick, sweeny's, top food and top staff, top customers too-we tinned some good cash there! Both of our knees have caused us pain today but hopefully nothing that will last. Just as we were coming into Ambleside i got a slow puncture and more seriously, my gears started jamming... Another early visit to a bike shop has been planned though i'm getting to the point where i think i may as well walk!


Richie said...

Oh dear Dan, maybe the extra strain from Margaret's steak pie is taking it's toll on your bike? I knew she was too good to be true!!

Hopefully it's an easy fix - just a few adjustments. Good luck tomorrow.

Sam said...

So much that wasn't anticipated makes the progress all the more impressive.

I thought Id comment because the last line made me laugh out loud which doesn't generally happen.