Thursday, 21 August 2008

Wanlockhead 19th

Ok, so, the following day we set off and weather was good. We covered a fair few miles early on and headed round the west side of glasgow taking Eskrine Bridge. The roads didn't seem to match up too well with our map and we found ourselves on motorway sliproads more than once. About 25 miles in my pannier rack semi-broke and so we desperately started looking for bike shops on route. When we got into Paisley, we found a halfords. Though the guy was unable to fix my brakes, he stuck a jubilee clip on my rack, which is holding the break fine. He didn't charge, and directed us to a 'proper bike shop' around the corner where another guy fixed the brakes in minutes and only cost a couple of pounds. Sorted! So we went on our way and headed out of the city, stopping for lunch about 3pm at Strathaven. It had been a lovely day until we left, when we got caught in the first of 3 thunderstorms that afternoon, and it didn't stop raining. We thought we were close but then had to take a 10mile detour because the...

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