Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The last 35 miles were really tough. I have never cycled in such a strong head wind as what we experienced today. We're usually cycling into the wind, and it takes 2 or 3mph out of you, this was taking more like 5 or 6! Plus it was pretty hilly! Thankfully we arrived about 1745, to a warm welcome, and great food! Pete's family cooked for us, and made us feel at home! Richie decided to pop across from Reading too, which made the evening even more fun. Much better than another night in a hostel! (with Dave :op ). We've got a nice short one tomorrow so hopefully will rest up a bit for the final push.


Anonymous said...

Not long before you'll be meeting the S/West holiday traffic ( and in Cornwall you will be going much faster than the cars ). Well done, nearly there boys! Dad.

Bash said...

Yep, nice work lads. You'll be beating us to Cornwall at this rate! Dan, you look far too proud of your 'beard' in that picture! lol.