Sunday, 24 August 2008


... Get as close as they can to you without actually touching you, not too entertaining for the cyclist. It's also official, cycle paths are more dangerous than major A roads, the often poor quality surface, hidden entrances to the road, pedestrians and random full height curbs in the middle (one of which had me off in spectacular style yesterday) make them a nightmare. Cycle lanes in the road are MUCH better. Anyway, it was all going so well, and we'd intended to take a bridge, however the satnav, in bicycle mode, directed us down the Birkinhead tunnel, by then it was too late to turn back so we had to just go nuts. That had to be the scariest and fastest mile and a half cycling of our lives! Thankfully we emerged safely, took a breather, and found our way to Chester- home of hollyoaks and the 'phantom cone placer'. We arrived at the hostel at 1645. It's now morning and we're soon off to Clun.


Anonymous said...

A great achievement guys but not as great as making it through Liverpool and not having your bikes stripped and sold for spare parts ( they can do this while you are still going along you know )!
Keep at it, Dad.

Anonymous said...

so far so good,keep up the good work we are all very proud of you both, do not get too saddle sore it is a long way to post you vaseline.gramps x

well done darling, thinking of you everyday as gramps says i am very proud of you, kepp smiling love and hugs, 60 million grandma x