Thursday, 28 August 2008


Navigating our way out of Exeter was almost as hairy as navigating our way in yesterday! We started off on the A30, fully laden as usual, but then at about 12 our secret weapon arrived... RICH JONES!... to carry all our stuff (not as pictured, though that would be amusing, but in his car!). Suddenly our bikes felt more like superbikes and less like super-tankers! Cycling in the hard shoulder debris resulted in a puncture, and then another soon after. I had ran out of tubes and none were worth repairing so i put in a quick call to our mobile support crew... Rich... gave him our GPS coordinates, and he went off to a bike shop and found us again within half an hour, sorted! The problems did delay us a bit, and we didn't get to our lunch stop until 1530. We had done in excess of 50 miles but not as quickly as we'd hoped...

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