Thursday, 28 August 2008


... We were getting tired and still hungry so Rich went off ahead to explore and search for more food. Dave and I went for another cycle (how glad will we be when we can do other exciting things, like... walk, or sit on something comfortable, just generally not cycle!). We took a pretty hilly B road, to avoid a different hilly road, everywhere is pretty hilly. We had a few hairy birkinhead-style moments going up a long hill in a narrow contraflow, but other than that it was just exhaustion that started to slow us. We met up with Rich 7 miles from the end for more food and drink, and then eventually reached YHA Golant, at the end of a 1mile driveway! By the time we'd showered the hostel had stopped serving food. We asked Rich what else he'd bought, we should have guessed - CAKE, and for pudding, MORE CAKE! So here's us enjoying our cakey tea... Tomorrow LANDS END.

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Heather said...

Ok so I failed to comment on the right day. I haven't looked at any blogg before so you will have to excuse me. Look under Aug 17th for comment.

I hope Debs was there waiting when you arrived.