Sunday, 24 August 2008


Leaving Slaidburn was stupidly hilly again but once we got out toward Preston the roads were a lot flatter, and quicker! We used the satnav to navigate through the city and then ploughed on to Liverpool. We'd decided Liverpool was the simplest and most direct route. A number of people wished us well as we were going through the city, one group of lads on they're way to football were kind enough to point out the general direction of lands end. We were also pulled over by a family saloon, from which a lady emerged full of enthusiasm and donated a few quid. It's fair to say we've already collected ten times more in England than in the whole of Scotland! We did have a few bus-ups... Busses play this game where they overtake you and then stop a few yards in front, which is just stupid because it takes as long as if they'd waited. Another favourite of theirs is to...

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