Friday, 29 August 2008


The day started with a big breakfast, and we ended up leaving at 1030 by the time everything was packed up. It seemed to take ages to get to Truro, but was actually fairly good pace given the hills. We had a quick snack at 'playing place' which kept us going til lunch at Ashton. Then, at 1700, after a killer last few miles, we crossed the finish line and somehow forgot the pain! Our entrance was announced on the tannoy and we were applauded and mobbed with donations, which was nice! We had our photo taken at the sign, surrounded by people asking about our trip. One lady thought it was outrageous we had to pay £10 for our photo and so she paid for us! The occasion was toasted with some champagne Rich had bought us, nice touch Rich, and then we had to cycle the 10 miles back to the hostel at Penzance. We did it guys, thanks for your support and sponsorship, we'll get a finish line pic on here as soon as possible... Now for a relaxing holiday NOT cycling!

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Anonymous said...

Well done boys. The end of a long journey and also 'pictures of breakfasts'! Dad.